5 Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts for Vegan Moms

Forget the tired, overdone Mother’s Day gifts such as the impersonal jewelry, the flowers and card or the dinner out. There’s nothing wrong with these gifts by any means, but if you really want your mom to know how much you care, it’s worth going above and beyond the standard tokens. For a Mother’s Day gift your mom will remember forever, choose a thoughtful gift that reflects her vegan values, like these five ideas:

Give Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

So many cosmetics contain animal products, from beeswax in lip tints to keratin in hair products. Even more are tested on animals before hitting the market. Thankfully, the demand for vegan and cruelty-free beauty products is growing faster than ever, which means you have a wealth of options for this considerate Mother’s Day gift. Rather than try to decipher ingredient lists, look for products that are both certified vegan and certified cruelty-free.

Plant a Gorgeous Edible Garden

Everyone loves a vegetable garden in the yard — except maybe the neighbors. Edible gardens are frequently considered eyesores, associated with overgrown, unruly plants and overall haphazard appearances. Instead, plant an edible garden at your mom’s home that looks as good as it tastes. By planting in raised beds or behind edging, mixing annual vegetables and herbs with flowers and evergreen perennials and planting eye-catching varieties including purple kales and cabbages, rainbow chards and multi-colored chicories, you can create a garden landscape that even the pickiest neighbors will enjoy.

Send Her to the Farmers Market

Everyone knows that the farmers market is the best place to get fresh, succulent fruits and vegetables. But if you’re a regular farmers market shopper, you also know that the prices can be a little higher than the grocery store. Support your mom’s local produce habit by picking up a gift certificate to your local farmers market. If your farmers market doesn’t sell gift certificates, ask about tokens. Many markets allow customers to purchase tokens that can be used like cash with market vendors. No gift certificate or token program? Pick up an eco-friendly tote bag so your mom can skip the plastic and shop in style.

Purchase a Plant-Based Meal Subscription

Unfortunately, not everyone has time to make it to Saturday morning farmers markets. Help your mom eat healthy no matter how busy she is by paying for a year’s subscription to a meal kit service. She’ll get convenient, wholesome plant-based meals delivered to her front door, and you’ll get the pleasure of knowing there’s always something delicious to eat when you visit. For help choosing a meal kit subscription that fits your mom’s tastes, read the review from Earth’s Friends.

Help Her Go Waste-Free

Plastic waste is everywhere, and the kitchen is one of the worst culprits. From storage bags to plastic wrap to food packaging, every day it seems like something plastic is being thrown away. For Mother’s Day, give your mom the gift of a smaller carbon footprint by helping her reduce plastic waste in the kitchen. Glass jars and storage containers replace flimsy plastic, silicon covers and vegan food wraps make cling wrap a thing of the past, and reusable produce bags let her skip the plastic in the produce aisle. For more eco-friendly kitchen swaps, check out the suggestions from Mindful Momma.

If you’re not vegan yourself, buying vegan gifts can seem like a minefield. It’s hard to know which goods contain animal products, especially when ingredient labels read like they’re written in a different language. But when you choose one of these great ideas, you can head to your mom’s assured that she’ll love your gift.

Image via Unsplash