10 Of The Best Gift Ideas For The Outdoor Enthusiast

The secret behind the perfect gift is understanding the person you’re giving it to so that it’s both meaningful and useful. If the recipient is an outdoor enthusiast, then you’re in luck because anyone who loves to spend their time in the great outdoors can never have enough gadgets, equipment, and inspiration to help them plan their next great adventure. 


  • Hiking Boots

Without the proper footwear, it’s impossible to make it through a lengthy experience outdoors. It’s important to understand the goals of the recipient in order to choose the best hiking boots to fit her needs. There are various weights, styles, and features that cater to different levels of difficulty on the trail. 

  • Down Jacket 

The best part about a lightweight down jacket is that if you don’t need it, you can practically roll it up into a little ball and stuff it into a backpack without feeling weighed down. If the weather becomes brisk but you need to keep moving, it becomes the perfect cool-weather accessory to make it through a chilly hike or frigid night when it’s time to get some crucial shuteye. 

Survival Of The Fittest

  • Lifestraw 

Bringing bottled water and a water bottle is obvious, but what happens if you find yourself in a situation where fresh water isn’t available and there’s no more Evian? Enter the Lifestraw, a nifty device that filters water with each sip, thus turing unknown water sources into safe drinking water. 

  • Firestarter 

Gone are the days of rubbing two sticks together. The most effective firestarters on the market are safe, easy to use (even in poor weather), and reliable, so the camper or hiker won’t have to worry about being caught in a jam.  

Comfort Zone

  • Sleeping Pad

It’s likely that a seasoned camper or hiker already has a pop-up tent and sleeping bag, but a sleeping pad is an added luxury that may be overlooked. With features such as insulation and memory foam technology, many pads can feel as comfortable as a home bed, but with the added bonus of being compact and portable. 

  • Inflatable Couch

Portable trail stools are great, but for someone who’s really looking to stop and smell the roses and catch that unbelievable sunset, an inflatable couch is the way to go. Look for a version that’s waterproof, lightweight, and inflates quickly. 


  • Portable Propane Stove 

While Power Bars work in a pinch, proper nourishment is essential after hiking all day. A portable propane stove makes it possible to whip up a nutritious meal on the fly. Look for lightweight models with features such as a non-stick griddle plate and easy-to-clean drip pan.  

  • Camping Cookware And Dishes

Many dishes and eating utensils are extremely lightweight and stackable, but pots and pans require more weight in order to be effective. Non-stick models are best since there won’t be a dishwasher to thoroughly clean burnt food. 

Making Memories

  • GoPro Camera 

Be it repelling down a rocky mountain or white water rafting down a wild river, nothing captures an exciting in-the-moment experience like a durable GoPro camera. There are several models available, but all of them are lightweight and waterproof. 

  • Framed Maps Of Hiking Trails And State Parks 

Keep the outdoor enthusiast in your life motivated with a framed map featuring hiking trails or a famed state park — perhaps it’s even a destination that became a favorite memory. A thoughtful decor idea such as this is a great way to celebrate a favored hobby on a daily basis. 

Nothing enhances an experience in nature like proper gadgets and gear. Whether you’re purchasing a gift for an outdoor novice or seasoned expert, all of the items in this gift guide are guaranteed to be useful. Considering many of these gifts fall into the category of things that need to be replaced on a regular basis in order to remain effective, you’ll be helping your friend or loved one stay safe on the trail, too. 

Photo Credit:Pixabay