4 Ideas for the Ultimate Experience Wish List

As a new year approaches, we tend to take stock of our lives and start making resolutions. What do we want to change, and what can we do to improve our lives in the new year? Don’t wait until January 1st to start thinking about it! Make your wish list now for gifts that are more than just a pretty present. Here are just a few ideas for items and experiences that will help you get more out of life in the year to come and long after.

  • Bring more music into your life: Music gives meaning and depth to life, but don’t just listen. Create your own music by learning to play an instrument. One of the best ways to get started is by learning to play a stringed instrument, such as the guitar or ukulele. If you aren’t sure where to start, check out a local music store for lessons or search the internet for the best online guitar lessons. Learning to play an instrument actually grows your brain and has lasting effects on cognitive function as you get older. You’re never too old to learn an instrument, and you will enjoy the mental and emotional benefits of playing no matter what age you are when you start.
  • Spend more quality time with family and friends: Sometimes amidst the rat race of everyday life, we forget to spend true quality time with family and friends. Add something to your wish list that helps make that a priority by giving you some new ideas. Redbook magazine recommends a Family Fun Bucket List. This kit filled with creative ideas is something the whole family can enjoy, and it will give you meaningful activities to do year-round. Another way to have technology-free fun with the whole family is with classic board games. Gifts that get you away from smartphones and allow you to interact with each other give you that quality time with loved ones that can be so hard to find in our fast-paced daily lives.
  • Discover the joys of reading and writing: Finding time to read is another one of those simple pleasures that we often let slip in daily life. If you’re a book lover, give yourself permission to make more time for reading, and make this goal easy to achieve by adding a literary subscription box to your wish list. With a literary subscription, you get specially curated books by bestselling authors delivered to your door. Or give yourself the gift of self-discovery and gratitude by adding a journal to your wish list. Journaling is a great way to tap into your creative side, and a gratitude journal in particular helps you stay grounded and focused on what matters most in life.  
  • Make the most of life with new experiences: Think about what you really enjoy doing or a new adventure you would love to try, and ask for that as an experience gift. Do you love art or science? Ask for a museum membership so you can get out and enjoy what you love any time throughout the year. This is another gift idea that you and your whole family can enjoy year-round. If you’d like to travel somewhere new, ask for a gift card for travel. Make it a goal to get the most out of travel by asking for a gift card to something like Airbnb that allows you to truly be a part of the community you visit. Think about what you want more out of life and ask friends and family to help make those experiences a reality. According to Huffington Post, getting experiences as a gift leaves us with lasting enjoyment far longer than any object does because our memories of the experience become part of who we are.

Taking stock of your life and the improvements you’d like to see is an important part of self-growth. Use these wishlist ideas as a springboard for the limitless ways you can be open to new possibilities and add value to your life in the years to come.

Photo credit: Pixabay